Any Given Morning

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Any Given Morning - Naughty Adventure #1

Written by RedWarrior. The Jewrotica team has decided to keep editing to a minimum out of respect for the author’s writing and creative style. Please be advised that this piece contains graphic language and potential sexual aggression.

His beard scratched my ear in a way that sent shivers up my spine as his hand wrapped around my mouth, the tefillin marks from the morning still imprinted on his arm and hand.

“Were you a good girl while I was gone?” He whispered, his voice gravelly.

I mumbled into his hand, unable to speak. I had been cleaning when he had come home. I knew he had to be at work soon. Shacharis ends not long before his commute begins. With his body pressed against my back, he walked me into the dining room. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my lower back, straining through his suit pants. My heart beat faster as he pinned me against the table, and he bent me over into the clean tablecloth. Meanwhile, his other hand slid up the back of my skirt, the garter belt and panties he required me to wear pushed to the side as his rough hands found their way between my thighs. I whimpered against his hand now, still wrapped around my mouth. His fingers finally found their goal and I heard him chuckle as he found me wet, driven wild by his forcefulness.

“Apparently not.” He growled. I could hear the lust in his voice.

He pulled me back up to him abruptly, his hand moving from my mouth to the back of my tichel, his fingers snaking their way inside to the back of my hair, gripping it as the tichel fell to the floor. I saw his eyes, dark brown and narrowed, the need in them like fire, consuming him. He forced me to my knees by my hair, withdrawing his hand from my cunt and undoing his belt. Soon, he had his suit pants undone. It was so hot to see him, still in his suit, his hardening cock free. He pulled my head closer and I licked my lips, but I hesitated too long and he groaned, forcing his cock past my lips and down my throat, holding my head by the hair as he forced himself deeper and deeper. I gagged but then began to breathe, my only thoughts on him.

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Redwarrior is a fiery, primal creature, a woman who lives in two worlds, one in which she wears a sheitel and the other in which she wears leather. Her fantasies tend to run hottest where those two worlds collide.
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  • When men read this drivel they end up with the take-home message that chicks really dig date-rape and domestic abuse.

    • Anonymous

      Some chicks dig getting fucked hard and playing with dominance/submission in a safe and consensual environment. Like this chick. Who doesn’t really like being called a chick, but really really likes a good hard fuck.

  • Even Steven, I hear your concern, and your point is something that I’ve given much thought to. A few questions:

    1) Does it make a difference that I know the couple who wrote this and that the interactions were both true and consensual?

    2) Though it is often taboo to discuss, many people – both men and women – do enjoy CONSENSUAL sexual dynamics that play with the dominant-submissive balance. Do we not represent the voices of the kink community, or share pieces that present an unconventional power dynamic lest a “wrong message” be sent?

    3) Should the piece be posted with a forewarning speaking to the importance of communication and consent? Perhaps the piece should be followed by linking to a resource for those dealing with abusive situations? Or alternatively a second resource for those interested in an introduction to BDSM?

    I am not sure that the answer would be to remove this piece (and many female friends of mine have reported back that they enjoyed reading and vicariously experiencing it), but perhaps there is a better way to have presented the piece to send a healthy message.

    I’m open to thoughts and interested in yours. What do you think?

    • Anonymous

      I think you’d be surprised by how many people out there either enjoy playing with dom/sub fantasies within completely safe and consensual relationships – and surprised by how many people want this or are turned on by this but are embarrassed or afraid to admit it. Maybe a BDSM tag would help instead of XXX – but I certainly don’t think it needs a disclaimer. Personally? I like it even harder than that. Sometimes a good whipping is better than an orgasm. And I am not a sick puppy. It’s the combination of pleasure and pain, and acknowledging that sometimes the bedroom is the only place where you can let go completely. What is an orgasm if not letting go completely and trusting the person you’re with when you’re vulnerable and raw at that moment? Bondage and sub/dom relationships can be very very healthy. People just need to talk about and understand them more.

  • Ugh, I have such a tortured relationship with rape fantasies. It seems like the line from hot to heinous is hair thin and different for everyone. Personally, the second consent even seems like it might have retracted a tiny bit I am totally turned off. But, for some people, it’s red hot. I think it’s clear that we’re not endorsing rape of any kind at Jewrotica, but maybe we should label things with this kind of power dynamic so people who will be triggered know to skip it.

    • I agree and generally land in the same place as you. In all fairness, this piece is accompanied by a disclaimer and a triple X rating. Triple X pieces are specifically called out for the potential to push boundaries and include “non-traditional” sexual practices. (The ratings are explained here:

      That said, it’s a tricky issue and I’m down for refining the presentation of the material. If we added a tag to the post, how would you label it? Power play? Sexual aggression? BDSM?

  • Tingly

    Oh my god, this was exactly what I needed. I skimmed this piece and a few others when the site launched, but bookmarked this one for a rainy day so to speak. About 30 minutes ago, I was feeling so sexual but also stressed and frustrated. I came back to this story to get me going and retreated back to my bed with an incredible vibrator, as I let my mind add to the scene and introduce new characters.

    It took me a while today to come for some reason, but damn was it powerful when it happened. And as I came just now, I couldn’t stop myself from audibly shouting ‘thank you’ three times. I think one of them was to God, and another to the vibrator. The third must have been for you, Jewrotica.

    PLEASE start filling out your XXX section in the coming weeks. Thanks in advance.

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